The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Annual Chamber Awards recognizes the passion and accomplishments of Hispanic leaders who exemplify our values and community stewardship. Every year, we embark on the process of finding inspirational individuals whose work and determination help advance our Hispanic community throughout California.

We accept applications in the following categories: Chamber, Latina Empresaria, and Hispanic Millennials. Awards will be presented at the 39th Annual CHCC Statewide Convention and 40th Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles, CA – August 22-24,2018.


  • Local Hispanic Chambers and Affiliates and their Membership
  • Corporate Partners and Representatives
  • Hispanic Leaders, Businesses, and Associations that Advance the Hispanic Community in California.

Evaluation Criteria:

Candidates will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Background
  • Accomplishments
  • Community Involvement
  • Contribution to the Hispanic business community
  • Ethical and community stewardship

DEADLINE: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 – 5:00 P.M.



  • Chamber of the Year – Recognizes a Hispanic Chamber/Affiliate for their work in leading the advancement of Hispanic small businesses and communities they serve. The award recognizes excellence in operations, member services, and community leadership.
  • Chamber Executive of the Year – Recognizes an outstanding Chamber Leader who exemplifies the highest level of professionalism, passion, and drive towards supporting Hispanic small businesses.
  • Corporate Partner of the Year – Recognizes a corporate partner that has been a champion for small businesses, Hispanic Chambers, and the Latino community in California. A true partner to the mission, vision, and purpose of the CHCC.
  • John Aguilar Procurement Achievement Award – Recognizes a small business (or presentative) that inspires, motivates, and affects advancements in procurement practices, demonstrates high ethical standards and leadership in the Hispanic business community. This Award was renamed in 2008 to honor the life of John Aguilar, founder of Vernon Transportation Company.


  • Latina Empresaria Hall of Fame – Recognizes a successful woman in Business in the Southern Region. A business woman who has built a successful career and has created a pathway for new generations.
  • Minerva Empresaria – Recognizes a business woman who empowers others by leading by wisdom, and passion. A Minerva is recognized by her passionate spirit, community involvement, and business excellence.
  • Pioneer Empresaria – Recognizes a woman whom has initiated, developed, applied or has lead the way to innovative methods in business. A Pioneer is recognized for her wiliness to accept risk by seizing opportunities that continues to impact future generations, her industry, and community.
  • Rising Star Empresaria – Recognizes an emerging business woman under 35 years of age who embodies the future Latina business woman. A Rising Start who inspires others and has significantly exceed the expectations in her industry and community.

Hispanic Millennials:

  • Hispanic Shark of the Year – Recognizes a successful Hispanic angel investor who promotes and supports emerging Hispanic business enterprises. A visionary with exceptional business accruement who transforms industries, innovation, and business practices.
  • Oscar De La HoyaCommunity Excellence – Recognizes Millennial Hispanic leaders who exemplify the tenacious spirit and life of the iconic boxer. Individuals whose tenacity and determination have This Award was renamed in 2017 to honor the distinguish career of Oscar De La Hoya.


Please submit applications to Juan Garcia, and include the below items:
  1. Award Category
  2. Name | Company | Email
  3. Biography
  4. Resume
  5. Letter of Recommendation
  6. Cover Letter
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